Tree Trimming Responsibilities and Rights

Tree trimming is actually one of the most common responsibilities of persons who have their own trees in their own land. As a matter of fact, whether you own a business establishment, a vacant lot or a house, it is both your responsibility and right to keep these trees trimmed properly. You can have the choice to perform this project however, it is still best is you hire a professional and highly reputable tree trimming service provider in order to get the task done accordingly. No matter what path to choose for tree trimming, there are a lot of basic tips you need to follow such as: 

1. Tree Growing Over the Streets 

These are basically special rules and regulations to take into consideration if the growth of your tree is a few meters away from the busy highway. In some instances, immediate intervention is needed most especially if there is a threat of hitting other person’s property such as power lines and light posts. However, you should not take certain interventions as soon as possible because it is very impossible that maintenance pruning and trimming for your tree is their responsibilities and not yours. Prior to proceeding with trimming the trees, you should first inquire to the local public works section. 

2. Learn All About Your Rights 

When your tree grows within your residential or commercial property, you have full responsibilities and rights to take care of them. Having said that, you have full obligation for the parts of the trees and that includes the big branches and leaves which fall from it. You’re fully responsible for the trimming as well as the clearing procedures. However, when your tree is living between electrical lines, you may need to talk with someone about it. The last action plan depends on what agreement both parties strike about their trees which splits their properties. But in most instances, you can trim a part of your neighbor’s tree all by yourself which overhangs your property. 

3. Liability and Insurance 

Always remember that trees which are growing within your residential or commercial property are responsibility. Yet, if they cause damages for any reasons (a tree branch or the whole tree itself lands into the property of your neighbor), it is basically your sole responsibility to pay whatever damages have been transpired. This is the reason why it is a good idea to have an insurance to cover expenditures for such instances. As long as you trim your tree properly, the odds of such incidents happening aren’t that complicated but still, it is best to be ready for such situations at all times. 

Tree trimming and pruning should not be that hard once you follow the rules and regulations, and you just keep all your trees well-groomed and healthy. Also, you should contact the professional and highly reputable tree trimming service provider in your area such as tree trimming Boca Raton service provider if you need assistance in maintaining your trees trimmed and groomed. Hiring a professional will give you peace of mind as well.